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What is Tang Soo Do? 
What is Tang Soo Do?

It is an ancient Korean Art of empty hand foot fighting for conditioning and self defense. It literally translates to "Open Hand Way". Although rooted in tradition, it is based upon a scientific approach of using the body for self-defense. It accents the passive approach to confrontation - without relinquishing human dignity. The development of the legs and superior kicking techniques some of the characteristics of Tang Soo Do"

Why study this art?

Tang Soo Do is an approach to a way of life that develops self-confidence, honor, fitness, and control. An individual's development is realized through the training in the various techniques, self-defense, philosophy, and no-contact fighting. It provides an excellent aerobic workout and promotes weight control and general feeling of well being.


World Tang Soo Do Association - This family oriented World Tang Soo Do Association headed by Grandmaster Jae C. Shin has more than 100,000 members in 36 countries. There are over 500 schools that include 100 Masters. Belt promotions are "Master Certified." Students can transfer to any school through the world and their accomplishments will be honored

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