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"Arrowhead Tang Soo Do is a wonderful place where kids and adults alike can learn not only the art of Tang Soo Do, but how to protect themselves as well. The studio does a wonderful job of truly getting to know those they practice the art with. The instructors are friendly and full of personality, the students are fun to learn with, and the environment is welcoming; whether it's your first day or your one-hundreth, the greeting's always the same: you'll never want to leave. It's a very tight nit group of people whose known for being "One big family" and caring for each other no matter the circumstances. Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today and I wouldn't be who I am today. We take care of each other, simple as that." - Cassandra (Casey) Cruz, Age 16, Blue Belt

"Bill and I are parents of a Special Needs Adult that has been involved with Arrowhead Tang Soo Do for approximately 3 years. Frankly, we didn’t expect him to be so dedicated. He is working towards his Blue Belt. Wow what a goal! We cannot express our thanks enough to all at Arrowhead Tang Soo Do for working with Clayton in so many different areas: Patience, Friendship, Family dedication, Attitude, and Perseverance. We could go on and on. We have never seen so many dedicated people in one place and couldn’t see Clayton elsewhere. They have accepted him and have expected him to progress and become an even better person. The warmth exhibited in the studio is infectious to all. This is a place for all, adults, children, special needs individuals and am grateful to have been involved. We as parents truly appreciate all that has been done for our son and hope others will have the same benefit." - Bill and Mary Robbins

"Taught me more then just how to defend myself. Life lessons of honor, respect, and discipline. One day I will come back and finish my studies and will trade in my brown belt for a black belt." - Alex Preston II

"I’m a father of 4 children, ages from 14 being the oldest to 2 being the youngest. I’ve studied martial arts as a child and off and on as a young adult. I’ve always wanted a way to connect with my kids on an even plane and Arrowhead Tang Soo Do has given me this opportunity. Since joining the studio my children and I have fun while learning martial arts and growing along with the ATSD family. My children are learning important skills such as confidence, respect for oneself and each other. Master Roberts and the Staff are world class instructors, and a great support group. I would definitely recommend Arrowhead Tang Soo Do to anybody who is looking for a family activity in the martial arts." - Tom Thompson

"I have two sons that have been members of the Arrowhead Tang Soo Do Studio for over 3 years now. I have seen such a positive change in their lives during that time, and I can attribute a lot of that to Master Roberts and his ability to communicate with people of all ages and the philosophy of Tang Soo Do as a way of life that develops self-confidence, honor, fitness, and control.

My oldest son has come out of his shell and become a more out-going and self-confident young man.

My youngest son continues to develop self-control and discipline that seemed to be lacking in his life before karate." - David Mayes


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